In Africa, agribusiness accounts for 25% of the continent’s GDP, and 70% of employment but the continent still faces numerous challenges. A reliance on small farms, with limited mechanization and capacity, leads to poor yields. Fragmented markets, price controls, and poor infrastructure result in low levels of production. But with major increases in investment - in the billions annually – Africa is poised to be the next frontier of high-tech, highly effective agriculture and production. In the Middle East, the challenges of a growing population with the worst drought in nearly 1,000 years, coupled with an unsuitable climate and limited water resources, have resulted in renewed investment in the latest agricultural technology and solutions to ensure a sustainable and secure agricultural sector.

ISI has worked with companies representing or serving a broad cross-section of the industry:

  • Chemical & fertilizer producers
  • Agricultural equipment & machinery
  • Processing equipment
  • Precision farming & tech solution companies
  • Biofuels

Below are some examples of our work with clients in this area:


The Client: An innovative technology biofuel producer

The Assignment:
Prepare the company for venture capital investment to fund the next phase of their international expansion in Africa

Actions & Results:

  • Performed a readiness assessment of company operations and worked with the company leadership to refine their international business plan for Africa
  • Repackaged messaging into pitch-deck materials for investment presentations
  • Identified and vetted investors, arranging and managing pitch meetings in the U.S. and Africa
  • Positioned company principals as issue area experts through peer review speaking engagements and publishing
  • Positioned the company to successfully attract venture capital to commercialize operations, finance production, and create sales and distribution channels for their product


The Client: Food processing equipment manufacturer

The Assignment: Perform market analysis for market selection and identify and on-board distributors

Actions & Results:

  • Implemented Market Scorecard analysis to narrow focus to select markets in Middle East and Africa based on investment trends in food processing
  • Short-listed and vetted potential distributors in top 3 markets
  • Supported agreement development with selected distributors
  • Company became well-positioned with a sound commercial strategy and distributor network in selected focus markets, resulting in a combination of short-term successes with existing facility upgrades and expansions as well as longer-term new-build facility opportunities  


The Client: U.S. based broker for used industrial equipment

The Assignment: Deal closure support of a large equipment purchase from an African commercial farming customer

Actions & Results:

  • Reviewed and adapted existing draft agreement materials and collateral
  • Advised company on deal structure, financial transaction and risk protection options
  • Acted as designated third-party on negotiating pricing and contract terms
  • Our client and their customer completed the transaction with mutually satisfactory terms in a shorter than predicted timeline