With massive increases in demand, coupled with significant, committed investments over the next few decades, power generation and distribution across the Middle East and Africa present American companies with countless opportunities in all aspects of the industry. Over 620 million people have no access to electricity across Africa with a population set to double and consumption set to quadruple over the next few decades. As a result, significant investments in all forms of energy are being made to meet the demand. In the Middle East, in addition to major investments in solar and a renewed focus on coal, gas-powered plants will account for over 65% of generation across the region by 2030.

ISI has worked with companies representing or serving a broad cross-section of the industry:

  • Utilities
  • Power generators
  • Renewable energy companies
  • Gas storage & distribution players
  • Hydropower/water utilities
  • Oil companies
  • Service & equipment solution providers

Below are some examples of our work for clients in this area:


The Client: U.S. based manufacturer of alternative energy equipment

The Assignment:
Develop the company’s international business strategy to expand into African markets and represent them in the initial stages of business development.

Actions & Results:

  • Researched and compiled market intelligence to enable priority target market selection
  • Localized marketing collateral and launched products in markets through international demonstrations to potential customers, partners, government bodies and the media.
  • Forged relationships with U.S. and African government officials to position company for government procurement opportunities.
  • Provided in-country representation to support the company’s sales and marketing efforts and assisted the client to negotiate early-stage teaming agreements.
  • Generated sales in 4 African markets for the client within the first 12 months and positioned the company for rapid growth in those markets.


The Client: U.S. based manufacturer of power systems for critical infrastructure and facilities

The Assignment: Create buy-in and consensus within the executive team on a plan to expand into African markets

Actions & Results:

  • Oriented senior corporate staff to the African marketplace through a customized program of workshops
  • Conducted a detailed cost-benefit analysis for the company to enter African markets
  • Peformed a Market Scorecard analysis to rate most relevant markets in Africa where client has the most likely short-term opportunities
  • Fast-tracked the company's market entry strategy, resulting in cost savings and buy-in at all levels; identified short-term, relevant opportunities that were low-risk and allowed the company to begin positioning itself in the region


The Client: U.S. based utility service and solutions company

The Assignment: Leverage some limited past performance in the Middle East to develop more work in the region

Actions & Results:

  • Repositioned past performance to more accurately reflect company’s capabilities in context of the market
  • Provided in-house training workshops for engineers and service providers on business practices and ‘what to expect’ travel orientation for Middle East markets
  • Reworked representative agreements to protect client in future engagements with measureable monitoring and legally recognized exit strategies
  • Streamlined market site visits for client's personnel to be more efficient and culturally effective and successfully repositioned the company with their local partners for a more proactive business development approach