At ISI, we understand the complexity of doing business in emerging markets and the increased pressure from global competition. We help our clients to navigate this complexity and stay ahead of the competition.

Our lead consultants each have a minimum of 15 years’ experience in Middle East and African markets and, collectively, bring decades of broad based and real world experience working with leading U.S. and international companies, across a diverse range of industries throughout the region.

ISI clients also benefit from our network of local specialists, built up over many years and based throughout the region, as well as numerous foreign and U.S. government resources that we are well placed to leverage from our base in Washington D.C.

Working closely with you, our consultants formulate innovative marketing strategies and business development solutions that leverage the unique strengths that have enabled your organization to achieve its success so far, while identifying the challenges and gaps that need to be bridged to take that success further.

And we don’t stop there. ISI Consultants are more than just strategists and advisors. We work as an as an extension to your team in order to implement the strategy and deliver results.

Benefits of working with ISI

  • Reduce your learning curve

  • Minimize your risk

  • Stay ahead of your competition

  • Create long-term sustainable growth

  • Accelerate your market entry

  • Increase your win-rates

  • Make informed decisions

  • Maximize your return on investment