U.S. federal, state, and local governments play an increasingly important facilitation role for American companies doing business internationally. With ramped up pressure to support local economic development through exporting, and more competitive funding vehicles for international trade promotion and support, many state and local agencies are creating highly sophisticated international resource centers to respond to the needs and interests of local companies.

ISI has worked with numerous federal, state and local governments in support of their export initiatives.

Below are some examples of our work in this area:


The Client: A U.S. state government trade agency

The Assignment: Assist the agency to expand its resource center offering early-stage support for local businesses wishing to export.

Actions & Results:

  • Created a full-service training and resource center for international trade including recruiting business analysts, trainers, and private sector resource partners
  • Conducted client outreach and networking events and marketing activities targeted towards companies interested in export
  • Created and implemented a series of export training programs covering export planning, market research & selection, export financing, and other export-related technical topics
  • Significantly grew the agency’s client base of companies and enabled the agency to deliver a comprehensive program resulting in job creation and tax revenue through exports


The Client: A U.S. federal government agency

The Assignment: Organize and run a series of high profile networking events to attract business leaders from across the country in order to encourage exports and promote an upcoming overseas trade mission. 

Actions & Results:

  • Attracted sponsorship and managed promotion and outreach for all events in the series
  • Managed attendance of a number of high profile speakers and guests, including foreign Ambassadors, U.S. Ambassadors and Members of Congress
  • Managed registration and production of post-event reports, capturing metrics and analysis on attendee profiles and attendee feedback for future events
  • Attracted unprecedented numbers of attendees, generating positive press and providing the agency with new clients and additional applicants for its trade mission


The Client: A municipal economic development organization (EDO)

The Assignment: Conduct a series of export related training, seminar and counseling programs to increase the EDO’s client base and help them attain their annual goals. 

Actions & Results:

  • Produced and delivered interactive full and half day training courses and seminars for both beginner and intermediate level exporters on a range of export/trade topics and markets
  • Coordinated logistics for all programs, including guest speaker recruitment, promotion and outreach, registration and event management, and content development
  • Provided one to one follow-up counseling to program participants to meet the EDO’s requirements for counseling hours
  • Enabled the EDO to surpass its international trade training and counseling commitments and client hours, attract new clients to their program, and achieve several export successes