With a growing middle class and rapid urbanization, the Middle East and Africa share the need to improve healthcare infrastructure to meet demand. The two regions each have their challenges, but trends point to opportunities for a wide range of American companies. Ambitious medical infrastructure projects; more governments investing in insurance programs; increasing privatization; investments in latest technologies; training and capacity development for the healthcare workforce are just some of the examples of activity in the healthcare sector.

ISI has worked with companies representing or serving a broad cross-section of the sector:

  • Medical devices, equipment & supplies
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical services
  • Clinical laboratories

Below are some examples of our work in this area:


The Client: A Fortune Top 50, multi-national healthcare company

The Assignment: Increase market share and brand awareness of a consumer healthcare products portfolio in hard-to-reach communities across key markets in Sub-Saharan Africa

Actions & Results:

  • Developed and implemented a 3-year program to localize the company’s branding and marketing activities
  • Represented the company at African events and managed media relationships
  • Established and staffed a regional office in southern Africa, recruiting and training regional program managers and technical staff deployed in over 27 sites to roll out the program
  • Substantially increased brand awareness around the company’s consumer health products portfolio, leading to market share increases in 4 out of 5 of their key markets in Africa


The Assignment: Formulate and implement a cost-effective market entry strategy for the company to proactively develop business in high-potential countries across the Middle East and Africa

Actions & Results:

  • Researched and ranked target markets on a number of key criteria, including potential opportunities, competition and ease of business to determine priority countries for focus Established the firm’s first overseas office, which was later used as a blueprint for 4 additional international offices
  • Worked with senior management to build a dedicated international sales team and localize services offerings for target countries
  • Increased overall company revenues by 35% in the first year of international operations


The Client: An international health partnership led by a leading public health institution

The Assignment: Manage the rapid scale-up of a pan-African HIV prevention campaign across 17 African countries in response to the AIDS pandemic in Africa

Actions & Results:

  • Opened project offices in 12 countries and recruited and managed local staff to launch and manage operations on behalf of the client
  • Positioned the program to attract millions of dollars in funding support and sponsorships from multi-national companies and government agencies
  • Established and managed public-private-partnerships with government ministries of multiple African countries, corporate partners, and U.S. government agencies [USAID, CDC, PEPFAR, U.S. Department of State]
  • Implemented a successful mass-marketing health awareness and promotion campaign across 17 African countries which rapidly increased participation rates by engaging nearly a million additional people in HIV testing and prevention activities