Ian Oliver - Senior Partner, Regional Director Africa

Ian Oliver - Senior Partner, Regional Director Africa

Ian Oliver has over fifteen years’ experience in international enterprise development, new market entry, international sales, and corporate responsibility programs on behalf of American businesses expanding or establishing investments in over two dozen countries with a specific focus on emerging markets.

As Regional Director for Africa at ISI Consultants, Mr. Oliver works closely with clients to ensure that market entry and growth strategies are optimized in line with their existing resources and internal corporate culture. Where relevant, he leads design and implementation of corporate responsibility activities and assists companies in maximizing opportunities as part of market strategy. Traveling regularly to target countries, Mr. Oliver identifies and meets with potential partners and distributors, solicits active support from local government representatives, and ensures client goals are being addressed as groundwork is laid.


In 2014, as part of the President’s National Export Initiative, Mr. Oliver was appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce to serve on the District Export Council in Washington, D.C. In 2012 he led the Federally-funded international trade team at the Washington DC Small Business Development Center in collaboration with the Washington D.C. Chamber of Commerce where he grew the Center’s client base of service and product exporters. He regularly conducts training seminars on exporting and is a frequent speaker at international trade events.

Coupled with his work in export growth and strategy for companies, Mr. Oliver has an extensive background and network in international development initiatives and impact-driven social change programs. He has structured and led the growth of several large-scale and sustainable public-private-partnerships and corporate responsibility activities in emerging markets on behalf of U.S. government agencies including USAID, PEPFAR, CDC, and the Department of State, as well as large multinational companies and institutions with strategic investments in those markets. Mr. Oliver believes strongly in aligning corporate responsibility with sales and marketing goals in emerging markets as part of a company’s overall business development strategy.

Mr. Oliver earned his Bachelor of Arts in International Service from The American University in Washington D.C. Prior to joining the ISI team, he held positions with several businesses and institutions where he led the growth of international portfolios through increased brand visibility, strategic planning and marketing, and new market project management and implementation. His work has included managing projects throughout Africa as well as in Central and Southeast Asia, and Latin America. He maintains visibility and industry-specific networks in emerging markets in search of solutions and profitable relationships on behalf of clients from various industries in the public and private sectors.