Middle East and African markets are home to some of the world’s most ambitious infrastructure and engineering projects. From urban development to energy infrastructure, these regions have financing in the hundreds of billions of dollars committed toward projects, providing many and varied opportunities for U.S. companies to participate.

ISI has worked with companies representing or serving a broad cross-section of the sector:

  • Infrastructure development firms
  • Construction companies
  • Engineering firms
  • Government
  • Building products
  • Construction equipment

Below are some examples of our work for clients in this area:


The Client: A top 20 U.S. engineering design firm with a portfolio of large-scale infrastructure projects

The Assignment:
Grow company’s international revenue through expansion into Middle East and African markets

Actions & Results:

  • Researched and developed a market entry plan focused on 5 highest potential markets with significant opportunities directly suited to the firm’s experience and portfolio
  • Identified and helped forge joint venture agreements with key local partners to support business development efforts and produce operational savings
  • Set up, registered and staffed two regional offices required to support the firm’s rapid growth
  • Established strong relationships with target government ministries and agencies by leveraging corporate responsibility programs and U.S. government resources
  • Increased international revenues from less than 5% of company total to nearly 20%, resulting from several major government contracts in the Middle East and African markets.


The Client: A mid-size U.S. engineering and construction firm

The Assignment:
Develop a strategy for the firm to diversify from reliance on U.S. Federal contracting to a proactive, commercial approach to international markets

Actions & Results:

  • Conducted an in-depth, international business audit, identifying potential obstacles to winning and implementing international projects, and detailing actions required to grow international portfolio
  • Created a comprehensive action plan for new business development, encompassing techniques for market research and project identification, as well as a Go / No-Go protocol
  • Outlined operational systems to enable the company to successfully conduct projects in international markets
  • Positioned the company to enter international commercial markets with a detailed roadmap and set of tools to ensure success


The Client: A specialist infrastructure contractor with some reactive business in Africa

The Assignment:
Identify highest potential markets for the firm’s services in Africa and generate viable project leads and relationships for the firm to develop

Actions & Results:

  • Implemented a Market Scorecard analysis to identify markets with highest level of short and medium term projects based upon the client’s project criteria
  • Identified, vetted and established relationships with prime contractors, key local partners and utility owners/operators with current or near-term projects
  • Developed a process tailored for the client to objectively evaluate African project opportunities, including how to recognize and mitigate risks as well as a set of best-practice guidelines for project contracting
  • Rapidly positioned company with top international contractors in the region and generated a pipeline of funded projects, resulting in relevant and winnable short and mid-term opportunities