Talking Africa with American Boiler Manufacturers

The American Boiler Manufacturers Association (ABMA), the oldest national manufacturing trade association in America, invited ISI Africa expert, Ian Oliver, to speak at its annual summer meeting in Lake Tahoe. The ABMA is composed of commercial, institutional, industrial and electricity-generating (utility-type) boiler and combustion equipment manufacturers and product/service suppliers as well as environmental equipment and systems manufactures, controls and instrumentation equipment manufacturers, and other product and service suppliers. This annual gathering of owners, CEOs and senior management from ABMA member companies focuses on trends and opportunities for the industry and Africa is of great interest to member companies.

With over 50 diverse markets and varying levels of infrastructure development and manufacturing capacity, Africa presents a unique opportunity, along with a fair amount of challenges, to boiler manufacturers. Because boiler products and services support countless industries, from power and energy, to food production and industrial manufacturing, companies must have current and relevant market intelligence to identify the most appropriate countries and/or regions of Africa where they can be successful, and the right partners and allies to help guide the way.

Mr. Oliver’s presentation outlined where Africa is today in the context of ABMA. With oil prices and commodity markets in flux for the foreseeable future, African governments are investing heavily - in part by leaning on large multinational corporations with interests in those markets - in increasing local processing and manufacturing capabilities, and, as a result benefitting from more of the value chain in the products being sourced from those countries. As a result, new manufacturing, food and beverage processing, and gas turbine power generation facilities are being built and planned, with allocated funding well into the billions of dollars in over a dozen African markets. And with American boilers being the industry standard for reliability and quality, this is the next great opportunity for ABMA members.

While the opportunities are wide-ranging, navigating the African marketplace can be challenging for companies of all sizes. However, with a well thought through plan in place, U.S. companies can be well positioned to take advantage of these opportunities cost effectively and while minimizing their risk. 

ISI Consultants assists U.S. companies to enter or further expand their business in Middle East and African markets. From small projects to longer-term engagements, we put our knowledge and experience to work for you, saving you time and money and minimizing your risk. And our results-oriented approach means we don’t just advise you on what to do to be successful – we work with you to get it done.

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